Client: Medic Mentor

Medic Mentor are one of the largest organisations in the country that supports aspiring doctors. They produce a range of comprehensive educational resources from magazines, books and school visits to events.  They work with schools, universities, royal colleges and other useful organisations to bring you a community that can support students in their application to medical school.  They also support medical students by providing them with scholarships, part-time work and fantastic opportunities to present at conferences and teach younger students.

The site needed to allow students, their parents, the teachers at schools and the mentors (medical students and doctors) to register and access the site with different functions and ability to see sections of the site. The site has forums, chat rooms, video conferencing, all for groups or one on one, downloads, online learning resources, where students can complete courses and be marked by either the teacher at their school or Medic Mentor themselves. There is an ecommerce system for booking places at events and conferences, selling books, magazine subscriptions and also the online courses, either sold to  the student or as an educational licence to a school with access for all the students in a  group.

Long term we are working on building more functions into the site, boosting Google ranking and expanding out to cover areas other than medical students.

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