Without search engine optimization, you may not be getting the greatest amount of hits that you possibly could be getting. It is so easy with today’s technology to create a website. You merely have to create a domain and register it, choose a theme and then begin to create your content. However, if you want to truly optimize your website, there are things you should and should not do with this creation process. There are things you can do that will actually hurt your website for search engine optimization.

To the left are a series of articles written by our SEO guru to help you understand some of the terminology!

Search engines use spiders, or crawlers to find the websites that are on the internet. They crawl around the internet, make note of websites and their data. The information they find is then indexed and made available for those surfing the internet to find. The spiders will crawl around the internet and make note of any changes made to the sites they have previously visited. These changes are then noted in the index. It may take a month or two for the spiders to come back to your website and make note of your changes.

Search engines will make the assumption that any relevant keywords will be in the title or at the beginning of the page. The frequency of the keyword is also noted. The search engine will analyze how frequent the keyword appears in the article. That is where keyword stuffing comes in. Google will blackball your site if it thinks you are trying to get rankings from placing an unusual amount of keywords in your article.

Search engines will also find other relevant sites that link to your site and use that data in its indexing. It is important then to obtain as many links as you can to increase the search engine optimization. Search engines are smart enough to recognize false or engineered links, so be careful with how you create the links to your website

I engaged James to develop a new website for my team building business and despite giving him a complex brief and small budget, he produced a top notch website bang on time. James has consistently gone beyond his remit as a website designer and has provided me with insight and excellent customer service.  He continues to support me as a business and is lightening quick to respond to any issues.

I would certainly recommend him.

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